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Photograph of Mary Lincoln in 1846±
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The Image
Photographer:  Shepherd
Sitting date: 1846/q
Location: Springfield, IL/q
Technique: Daguerreotype
Book Notes
Of this and [[a46]]: "In each instance the mirror image of the daguerrotype has been reversed in order to show how the Lincolns actually looked." (But see [[a46]] for caveats.)
mirror-show. obs2|Pupils|irregular bilaterally.

b&w film copy neg. post-1992

6330 x 8047
6330 x 8047
mirror-show. Original image from [[Library of Congress]] is in color, but is shown here in gray-scale.

color film copy transparency

4038 x 5000
mirror-show. loc-thin-maybe.

b&w film copy neg. pre-1992, after 1959 cleaning and restoration?

1147 x 1536
mirror-show. Original shows the case in which the [[daguerreotype]] sits.

'b&w film copy neg. pre-1992'

3978 x 3245

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