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Photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1863
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The Image
Photographer:  Walker
Sitting date: 1863/q
Location: Washington, DC
Technique: Photograph
Hamilton '63 Pages 160, 161b, 161c, 114c, 245, 383a
Book Notes
Mellon '79 [p 146]
Rare carte-de-visite printed from one frame of the original multiple-image sterographic negative made by Lewis E. [[Walker]], in [[Washington]], DC, in 1863 or 1864. Print on page 147 is enlargement of print on page 7.
Photograph by Lewis E. [[Walker]], [[Washington]], DC, 1863
Collections cited in Books
Mellon '79 [p 147]
Mellon Collection.

b&w film copy neg.

924 x 1536

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