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Photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1864
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The Image
Photographer:  Brady
Sitting date: 1864-01-08
Location: Washington, DC
Technique: Photograph
Hamilton '63 Pages 164, 165, 383b
Book Notes
Mellon '79 [p 163]
Reproduced from a positive printed on film from a contemporary negative of one view of the multiple-image stereographic pose. Made by Mathew [[Brady]], in [[Washington]], DC, January 8, 1864.
Collections cited in Books
Mellon '79 [p 161]
National Archives

Horizontal pair. Right image has best view of right hand.

1243 x 1540 (for detailed view)
1243 x 1540 (for detailed view)

Horizontal pair. Better view of upper legs. Nicer exposure.

1142 x 1540 (for detailed view)
1142 x 1540 (for detailed view)

Appears to be left frame of version 1.

550 x 774

1 negative: safety; 8 x 10 in. b&w film dup. neg.

1225 x 1536

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