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Lincoln's Diagnosis: MEN2B
The Physical Lincoln shows that President Abraham Lincoln had an extremely rare disease called MEN2B -- multiple endocrine neoplasia, type 2B.

MEN2B is a genetic disorder in which long-bones and nerve cells grow excessively. Without treatment, 100% of people develop thyroid cancer and 50% also develop a tumor in the adrenal glands. A parent with the disease will pass it to half of his or her children (on average).

About one person in a million has MEN2B. Very few doctors have seen a case.

Lincoln had all the essential features of MEN2B:

MEN2B featureAbraham Lincoln
"Marfanoid" body shape Tall. Long limbs. Small, thin head.
Large, bumpy lips Large lower lip. Bumps on lower and upper lips.
Intestinal symptoms Constipated.
Cancer Emaciated by the end of his life.
Family history Mother with same body and facial build.
Three sons with large, bumpy lips.
Muscular involvement Multiple signs of low muscle tone.

Written in simple, engaging language, with over 200 illustrations, The Physical Lincoln discusses each of these topics (and more). It reviews evidence for and against the MEN2B theory, including the greatest challenge to the diagnosis: Lincoln's longevity.

Most importantly, however, the book contributes an enormous amount of new material to the study of Abraham Lincoln, the man, extracted from original sources.

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