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One of two images that inspired the design on the one-cent coin. Other is a64bi1.
Print: Library of Congress
Has hardcopy:No as of 2007-04.
Print: National Archives 165-JM-59
Comments: None
Print: Mellon p199 UL
Caption: (p198) Carte-de-visite printed from a lost contemporary negatuve of one view of a multiple-image stereographic pose made by Anthony Berger at Mathew Brady's gallery, in Washington, DC, February 9, 1864.
Collection: Ostendorf Collection

<= a64bi1   a64bi3 =>
Photographer Berger
Location Washington, DC
Sitting Sitdate:=1864-02-09
Technique Photograph
Meserve # Meserve Number:=84
Ostendorf # Ostendorf Number:=89
Ostendorf pg Ostendorf Page:=174, Ostendorf Page:=105
Mellon pg Mellon Page:=199 UL
Kunhardt pg Kunhardt Page:=--
Synonym none
<= a64bi1 a64bi3 =>
Photograph by Anthony Berger at Brady's Washington gallery, Tuesday, February 9, 1864.

Left eyebrow best distinguishes from a64bi1 (O#88). comment:="The hook in L's hair helps distinguish from a64bi1. Both inspired the 1-cent piece." comment:="Moles causes almost three wrinkles in side of face. Weight loss sign?"

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