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Print: Library of Congress
Has hardcopy:Yes as of 2007-04.
Print: Mellon p29
Caption: (p28) Original ambrotype made by Abraham Byers, in Beardstown, Illinois, May 7, 1858.
Collection: University of Nebraska.
Observations: The quality of this image in Mellon's book is a wonder to behold. Mellon and Benson copied the original ambrotype, which then was clearly in spectacular condition. In late 2007 the University of Nebraska emailed to me a freshly made scan of the original ambrotype. It showed a tragic degradation of the original image in the 32 years since Mellon's book was published, with chunks of the image missing and the contrast woefully reduced. I wrote to them, urging all steps be taken to prevent further degradation, but received no reply.
Print: Kunhardt p87

<= a58dy   a58eg2 =>
Photographer Byers
Location Beardstown, IL
Sitting sitdate:=1858-05-07
Technique Ambrotype
Meserve # Meserve Number:=7
Ostendorf # Ostendorf Number:=5
Ostendorf pg Ostendorf Page:=15
Mellon pg Mellon Page:=29
Kunhardt pg Kunhardt Page:=87
Synonym none
<= a58dy a58eg2 =>
Ambrotype by Abraham M. Byers, Beardstown, Friday, May 7, 1858.
Byers actually took two ambrotypes of Lincoln during this sitting. He kept one (which now belongs to the University of Nebraska) and the other was published by Ida Tarbell in McClure's Magazine in 1895. They are so similar that Ostendorf3 classifies them as a single pose (p 14).

Image:A.58e07 head.jpg

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