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Version 1: Digital Print of Hardcopy thumb
Print Key: Library of Congress LC-USZ62-16380-3a18603u
Print URL:
MaxPixels: 1164 x 1536
Observations: Finding:=Cheek mole: Cheek mole:=seen. Finding:=Ear lobe line: Ear lobe line:=unseen. Finding:=Hair part: Hair part:=probably on left. Finding:=Jaw asymmetry: Jaw asymmetry:=obvious. Finding:=Pupils: Pupils:=round. Sclera visible inferior to both irises, and symmetric. No lip plumpness. Double cheek furrow on right; single on left.
Print: Mellon p24
Caption: (p25) Ambrotype copy of the lost original ambrotype made by Amon J.T. Joslin, in Danville, Illinois, probably during late April or May of 1857 or 1858, when Lincoln was attending court in Vermilion County.
Collection: Ostendorf Collection.

<= a54j   a57bzb =>
Photographer Joslin
Location Danville, IL
Sitting sitdate:=1857 (?)
Technique Ambrotype
Meserve # Meserve Number:=2
Ostendorf # Ostendorf Number:=3
Ostendorf pg Ostendorf Page:=8
Mellon pg Mellon Page:=24
Kunhardt pg Kunhardt Page:=78
Synonym none
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Ambrotype by Amon T. Joslin, Danville, Wednesday, May 27, 1857.
Kunhardt (p78)
Danville, Illinois, in 1858 or 1859 while attending court in Vermilion County.
(p9) "Although some historians have dated this photograph during the court session of November 13, 1859, and others have placed it as early as 1853, most authorities now believe it was taken on May 27, 1857."

This image is known to have been taken by Amon Joslin in Danville, Illinois, but on which of Lincoln's trips there is uncertain.

comment:="The fact that it is an ambrotype copy of an ambrotype explains why the sidedness is correct."

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