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blue mass
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Abraham (¶1-3912)
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Word Paragraph Numbers in The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook (printing 1.1)
blue 577, 612, 613, 617, 618, 620, 623, 824, 825, 834, 838, 840, 856, 858, 904, 1286, 2079, 2080, 2275, 2277, 2289, 2351, 2418, 2421, 2422, 2423, 2786, 3160, 3367, 3707
mass 9, 35, 65, 161, 166, 328, 577, 612, 613, 617, 620, 623, 682, 780, 781, 1023, 1256, 1492, 1517, 1537, 1542, 1598, 1661, 1940, 2289, 2418, 2421, 2422, 2423, 2828, 3160, 3291
All of the above 577, 612, 613, 617, 620, 623, 2289, 2418, 2421, 2422, 2423, 3160

Paragraph text (first 10), stripped down

577 medullary thyroid cancer mtc causes a secretory diarrhea the historical record is silent on lincolns bowel habits in the white house except that he stopped taking blue mass pills five months after becoming president because they made him cross found in sporadic mtc that diarrhea occurred in less than half of patients with stage iv mtc

612 blue mass pills and constipation

613 what stuart said was this lincolns digestion was organically defective so that the excreta escaped through skin pores instead of the bowels and i advised him to take blue mass and he did take it before he went to washington and for five months while he was president but when i went to congress he told me he had quit because it made him cross henry whitney

617 he was a hearty eater when hed had no passages he alwys had a sick head ache took blue pills blue mass sic ward hill lamon

620 mr lincoln had an evacuation a passage about once a week ate blue mass william herndon this might be a primary observation

623 asserts lincoln took blue mass for longer than a few months and that melancholy was the indication i found no direct evidence for either claim see

2289 1860 1861 lincoln took blue mass pills which contained inorganic mercury and possibly colocynth there are no records of blue mass purchases from the corneau and diller drug store but drug store owner samuel melvin sent lincoln 5 boxes of pills in april 1861 a time when lincoln is known to have been taking blue mass whether lincoln took these pills during other years is unknown

2418 a friend of lincolns john t stuart suggested a treatment for constipation i used to advise him to take blue mass pills and he did take them before he went to washington and for five months while he was president but when i came to congress he told me he had ceased using them because they made him cross see

2421 claim lincoln took mercury containing blue mass pills because of his mood there is no direct evidence that lincoln took blue mass pills for anything other than constipation as shown in ff all mentions of blue mass pills by lincolns contemporaries are connected with constipation a second hand report states john stuart believed lincolns melancholy was caused by constipation but available evidence is silent on whether stuart urged lincoln to take blue mass for constipation only melancholy only or for both in that era blue mass pills were taken for many possible reasons mood disorder and constipation being just two of them

2422 claim lincoln had neurobehavioral consequences of mercury intoxication in 1861 lincoln concluded that blue mass pills made him cross for that reason at least he stopped taking them
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