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Photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1861
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The Image
Photographer:  Gardner
Sitting date: 1861-02-24
Location: Washington, DC
Technique: Photograph
Hamilton '63 Pages 78, 79, 124, 374d
Book Notes
Mellon '79 [p 194]
Carte-de-visite printed from lost contemporary negative, possibly the original, of the view of a multiple-image sterographic pose made by Alexander [[Gardner]] at Mathew [[Brady]]'s gallery, in [[Washington]], DC, about February 24, 1861.
[[Photograph]] by Alexander [[Gardner]] at M.B. [[Brady]]'s gallery, [[Washington]], DC, Sunday, February 24, 1861.
Collections cited in Books
Mellon '79 [p 195d]
George Rinhart
1024 x 522
1024 x 522

In a detail, the best way to distinguish from A61b31 is to examine the space between Lincoln's right shoulder and the frame of the chair.

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