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Photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1864
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The Image
Photographer:  uncertain/q
Sitting date: 1864-07-11
Location: Aboard USCGC Wayanda
Technique: Photograph
Book Notes
[Shows altered version in which Lincoln's face has been sketched over the smudge.]
Lincoln's long arms (only the left is seen here) are evident, especially the segment from the elbow to the wrist. Lincoln has assumed a characteristic "lounging" posture: His left and right arms are supported by the railing, and his left wrist is limp (similar to A63h6). Furthermore, his left leg is cocked up and rests, relaxed, on some object on the ship's deck. Only the muscles in the right leg are actively working to support him.

1536 x 1128

The photo was discovered circa 1981-1983 by Lloyd Ostendorf, the premier Lincoln photo expert of the 20th century. He claimed to see facial features of Lincoln with a magnifying glass. Ostendorf's book displays a copy in which he has sketched Lincoln's face over the smudge Ostendorf '98 [p 370]. A note on the back of the photo identifies the seated men as Captain John W. White, Secretary of State William Seward, and Engineering Officer Frank Pulsifer. I believe the photo is genuine, based on the central figure's posture and left arm.

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