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Photograph of Tad Lincoln in 1870
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The Image
Photographer:  uncertain/q
Sitting date: 1870/q
Location: unknown location
Technique: Photograph (presumed)
Temporal hair recession. Large, low-set, projecting ear. Loss of lateral left eyebrow. Ocular asymmetry?


The Allen County Library dates this photograph as 1866, and ascribes it to Leisenring Brothers Photography of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. This seems unlikely. Tad's brother, Robert, did not wed Mary Harlan until September 1868. It would have been odd, to say the least, for Robert to take little brother Tad to Iowa to court Mary, if indeed Robert did go to Iowa that year. And Tad would not have been allowed to go anywhere without mother Mary Lincoln along.

I have dated this photograph to 1870 because (a) his jacket appears to be the same as that in T71q1 and (b) his face appears to be thinning, as compared with T69qq1.

This photograph is not in Neely '90.

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