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Photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1860
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The Image
Photographer:  uncertain/q
Sitting date: 1860
Location: Springfield, IL/q
Technique: photograph
Book Notes
Mellon '79 [p 63]
Rare contemporary [[albumen print]] from the lost original negaive made by an [[unknown photographer]], probably in [[Springfield]], Illinois, during the spring or summer of 1860.
Collections cited in Books
Mellon '79 [p 62]
Lincoln National Life Foundation.

From Tarbell '96 [p 193]:

From a copy (made by E. A. Bromley of the Minneapolis Journal staff) of a photograph owned by Mrs. Cyrus Aldrich, whose husband, now dead, was a Congressman from Minnesota. We owe the photograph to the courtesy of Mr. Daniel Fish of Minneapolis. In the summer of 1860 Mr. M. C. Tuttle, a photographer of St. Paul, wrote to Mr. Lincoln, requesting that he have a negative taken and sent to him for local use in the campaign. The request was granted, but the negative was broken in transit. On learning of the accident, Mr. Lincoln sat again, and with the second negative he sent a jocular note wherein he referred to the fact, disclosed by the picture, that in the interval he had "got a new coat." A few copies of the picture were made by Mr. Tuttle, and distributed among the Republican editors of the State. It has never before been reproduced. Mrs. Aldrich's copy was presented to her by William H. Seward when he was entertained at the Aldrich homestead (now the Minneapolis City Hospital) in September, 1860. A fine copy of this same photograph is owned by Mr. Ward Monroe of Jersey City, New Jersey.
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